Peacemaker Lessons

These lessons involve both adults and children in order for them to develop social and emotional learning and build positive relationships with one another.

These are the areas we will work on:

Inner Peace: Can you be too nice?

Peaceful Choices: How do we know what is right and wrong?

Peaceful Relationships: Can you respect someone without agreeing with them?

Peaceful Actions & BehavioursIs it OK to fall out with someone?

Peaceful Communities: How can one person make a difference?

The lessons are based on circle time and games.

One thought on “Peacemaker Lessons

  1. Hiii 🤗I love peacemakers. It makes feel so calm and relaxed. Its Mehraab by the way . I think it is a good to get to know people that you don’t spend time with. I love the activities we do . They are so fun . We should be at peace all the time.

    Thank you for reading



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